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It began 25 years ago

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Following many joyous years as groomers, we had to realise, that our hands were not as happy with the daily tasks as we were ourselves.

Itching and redness in between the fingers, dry skin and in periods small blisters that ended up as sores in the palm.

There was no doubt about the cause of these problems as the shampoos we used were filled with potent perfumes, silicone and other added substances.
In an attempt to handle the situation without having to resort to a change of career, we had a special shampoo with aloe vera made 10 years ago without the intention of becoming a wholesaler.
We were to busy enjoying the new found feeling of being able to do the job we loved without having to suffer the consequences of allergies and sores – As well as the knowledge, that we were not passing any of the harmful substances on to the dogs we treated.

The combined effect of people’s amazed comments about the coats of their dogs, our now healed hands and the experience of not having any problems with allergies among the dogs made the difference for us, and we decided to have our own brand of organic shampoo.

Here are a couple of photos showing the passionate people behind the B&B series – 25 years ago and now.

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